Get Your Hunt On!

May 3 huntsSpring is in full bloom and so is the hunt season in SL. This episode features gifts from a record 7 hunts!

Organizers reached back in time to develop their themes for the Greek Mythology Hunt and the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior, which is a Mad Pea hunt.

The April Showers Bring May Flowers Hunt and the Cutie Petite-ies Hunt offer a wide variety of gifts from furniture to clothes to garden accessories. Don’t miss the Be Glam Hunt if you are looking for a new wardrobe for the spring.

This week’s show highlight’s a couple of store hunts as well. Dragons Are Too Seldom opened a new larger store and celebrated with a hunt of full perm sculpts and wonderful oak textures. Chez Moi’s Mom’s Hunt is the first one to laud mother’s, but it won’t be the last. 


the next huntsSome other hunts not to be missed:

One Fine Day in the Emerald City
Sinister Goth’s Sinners Hunt: Lust
Men Only Hunt 3
Fairy Unicorn Hunt
Color Explosion Hunt
Poppin’ Penguin: Comin’ Home
Beautiful Nightmare 2
The Key of Hope
Magic of Mothers



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