About Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! is the Treet.TV show that is all about hunts in Second Life. You can watch the latest episodes every month on:






The show is presented by Cinders Vale, host and hunt reporter.

In each show we have news of ongoing and upcoming hunts, feature hunt gifts/prizes that have caught our eye.

Happy Hunting is a co-production by Prim Perfect and AviewTV.

The People bringing you Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! is very lucky in uniting a team of people with a wealth of experience in virtual worlds – and in virtual world TV too!

Cinders Vale, Host and Hunt Reporter

profile pic

Cinders Vale

Cinders came into Second Life back in 2006 at the urging of her real life cousin, Jeremey Ryan, especially since many of their friends from MYST:Uru Online were already here on the grid. She wandered around exploring all over.

Once she discovered the Second Life‘s Cancer Survivors group(now the ACS Cancer Survivors Network) and the American Cancer Society sim, the SL Cancer Caregivers group, and Relay For Life of Second Life. Cinders found ways to give back. Her involvement in the fight against cancer has grown over the years.  As a cancer survivor since 2002, she knows that every birthday is a true reason to celebrate. “Having cancer just reorganized my priorities. It never stopped me from living my life.”

Cinders is also the owner of the Broken Creek Decor. Her main focus has been pottery and lamps, with original photography. Now the next step for Cinders will be learning how to use Blender to create her own custom MESH products. As the host for Happy Hunting!,  she hopes you will become a regular viewer of the program.

“I discovered hunts in 2006. Big or small, that didn’t matter as long as I could enjoy the challenge of figuring out the hunt clues to find those great hunt gifts. Hunts are great fun and this show will be a great match for all you hunters out there.”


Angie Mornington, Producer, Director, Camera & Editorthe-grind-2016_006

Angie Mornington

Angie is the former Host & Producer of Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington, which was produced by Perfect World Productions and broadcast on Treet TV. Angie continues to work with the Treet TV Network, and has created her own machinima company called Mornington Productions.  Angie is excited to join the Happy Hunting! production as a Producer & Director.  She also films and edits each episode.

“The hunt community is Second Life is huge and we thought it would be exciting to produce a show dedicated to Second Life hunting.”

Saffia Widdershins, Executive Producer


Saffia Widdershins

Saffia is the presenter of the popular tv show Designing Worlds (the show for design and designers in virtual worlds). She’s also the editor of the magazine Prim Perfect, the Homes and Gardens magazine that has over 21,000 subscribers.

“I’m really excited to see Happy Hunting! on the air,” says Saffia. “It’s such a fun show to work on – and it’s fun to watch too!”


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