Update About Happy Hunting! and The Hunties

As many of you may have noticed we have not broadcast a new episode for several months. There were a number of RL reasons that occurred that just prevented us from getting episodes on the air.

Our first show aired on November 11, 2011, and continued until January 23, 2018.
After some discussion, it was decided by those us at Happy Hunting! that the time had come to end our long run of just over seven years.

The Hunties Awards will continue and we look forward to seeing all those nominations being filled out on our online ballot form! Just click on the “Vote for the 2018 Hunties” tab at the top of the page.

We must thank Frequency Picnic for being our first presenter of hunts and hunt gifts on Happy Hunting!. She helped to set the path that the show would follow in the years to come.

Rosamoo Mendelsohn came on board and in 2013, Rosamoo had the brilliant idea of the Hunties, to honor those who put on the hunts and the participating merchants/designers who created the wonderful hunt gifts. Hunters would do all the nominating for favorites in various categories.

In 2012, MarkTwain White and Marky the Gnome starred in the “Where in the World is MarkTwain White?” contest. The segment was full of fun, adventure, and clever dialogue. Thanks for the smiles, gentlemen.

Angie Mornington and Petlove Petshop worked hard behind the scenes as producers/directors, camera, and editors. You may not realize that both of them on occasion stepped in and modeled outfits or demonstrated a hunt gift. Petlove became a co-presenter for The Hunties Award Show and continues in that role.

Dellybean North and Jeremey Ryan have on many occasions shared their building skills and creativity for Happy Hunting! at the SLB Celebrations. They built and upgraded The Hunties Theater for us. Delly and Jer’s contributions were invaluable.

Cinders Vale started in 2011 interviewing hunt organizers and later on became the show’s host and hunt reporter. Cinders is also a co-presenter for The Hunties Award Show.

Saffia Widdershins, our Executive Producer first came up with the idea of a show about the in-world community of hunts (the virtual version of RL scavenger hunts). She has always been there with guidance, experience, and that famous great sense of humor.

We hope that you have enjoyed watching Happy Hunting!, seeing what hunts were going on every month and the great hunt gifts that were out there to be found.

Thank you for sharing the past seven years with us.


About Cinders Vale

Host for a show for Treet.TV on the Second Life grid called Happy Hunting! Each show will cover information about new hunts featuring some of the great items you can find.
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2 Responses to Update About Happy Hunting! and The Hunties

  1. Rah Rehula says:

    I will miss viewing the show. Always enjoyed. Having worked in television, I know how much time an episode can take. Thank you to all for the time and energy you placed into this.

  2. MargeKinson says:

    Sorry to see the show end. It was always something to look forward to. Thank you to everyone involved in Happy Hunting.

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