Happy Hunting! Episode 151: Fun August Hunts

In this episode, Host Cinders Vale features five great hunts for the month of August.

Hunts featured in this episode include:

Around The Grid in 80 Days Hunt 5

Hide and Seek Hunt: Timeless Textures Store Hunt

Things That Make You Go Hmm Hunt

Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 5

The Hard Catch 2017 Hunt by Gardenia Events

You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show – and many more – on Hunt SL.

Don’t forget to cast your ballots for the 2017 Hunties Awards! The Hunties are the premium awards for all aspects of Hunts and Hunting in Second Life, now in their fourth year. You can vote here.

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About Angie Mornington

Director of the Happy Hunting! TV show. Specializing in Machinima Production in Second Life. Lover of fashion and interior design.
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