Happy Hunting presents the Hunties Award Show for 2015!

The fabulous Hunties Award Show is here again! Enjoy learning who was nominated and who the ultimate 2015 favorites are as voted by YOU – the avid Hunters of Second Life!

You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show – and many more – on Hunt SL.

The Hunties were awarded in a special ceremony at the Hunties Theater on January 16th. The awards were presented by Cinders Vale of Happy Hunting and Rosamoo Mendelsohn of HuntSL, and the event was hosted by Saffia Widdershins, Executive Producer of Happy Hunting.

And the Nominees and Overall Favorites were:

2015 Hunties Nominee & Favorite List

Women’ fashion:
Mishmash Fusion – Mystical Edenflower
Fi’s creations – Fiona Scorfield
Ana Markova Designs – Anastacia Markova
The White Armory – Bee Dumpling
Brii Underground Wear – Brianna Passiflora
Glam Dreams – sandytpr Lysette
Lyrical B!zarre Templates – LyricalBizarre Resident
Spyralle – Kerryth Tarantal
Feyline Fashions – Feydaann Ferryhill

Favorites – PurpleMoon: Poulet Koenkamp & Belladonna Wexhome


Women’s Accessories:
The Happy Hat – Rah Rehula
Page Creations – Raven Page
Snowpaws – Carrie Snowpaw
Couture Chapeau – Chigadee London
The Mad Hattery – Saraid Dalglish

Favorite – Immortals: Isabelle Torok


Men’s Fashions:
The Happy Hat – Rah Rehula


Men’s Accessories:
Panda Panda Store – Liam Metaluna
The Happy Hat – Rah Rehula
The Mad Hattery – Saraid Dalglish

Favorite – Couture Chapeau: Chigadee London

Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes – Delinda Abbot
The Happy Hat – Rah Rehula
Latreia Shoes – Hera Aviatik
Feyline Fashions – Feydaann Ferryhill
Ziva’s Underground Footwear’s – Ziva Dasmijn

Favorite – Skate World: NL Sperber



[Muse] – Norena Soir
Designs by Sebastian – Sebastian Dionysus
Pixel Box – Marian Kungler
Page Creations – Raven Page
WAM! Mesh(now called Maker’s Muse) – GothicMuse
Stars! – Stargem Winkler
Lantian Flox – Wyvern Dryke
!!Chaos Panic & Disorder! – Lilah Munster
Chop Zuey – belle Roussel
Tie Favorites: Earthstones & Brii


Body Parts:
Alli & Ali – Alice Klinger
Analog Dog – Queue Marlowe
Vanity Hair – Tabata Jewell
Truth Hair – Truth Hawks

Favorite – Celtic Wolf Ripley Rozenberg


X-clusives – Kacey Pomegranate
Abraminations – Abramelin Wolfe
~SWAN~ – Cyneswith Luik
Elephante Poses – Melissajeanne Flores
Something New – AllysonDwyer

Favorite – ~XM~: XMarieX Fairport


Indoor Home Furnishings:
Pierre Ceriano – Pierre Ceriano
Magic World Studio – Pierre Ceriano
Finishing Touches – 24Karat Roux
[noctis] – Yelena Istmal

Tie Favorites – Park Place: DeAnn Dufaux and Celtic Wolf: Ripley Rozenberg
Outdoor Home Furnishings:
The Artist Shed – MargeKinson
Willowinds – aqua Willowind
Epic Toy Factory – Mayah Parx
Love Everlasting PetPlants – Roxy Bergiere

Favorite – Park Place: DeAnn Dufaux

FLOOD Raindrop Lowbeam


Garden & Landscaping:
Potomac Signature Homes – Winter Loxley
Dreamscapes – Carlotta Ceawlin
~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Sweetgwendoline Bailey
Finishing Touches – 24Karat Roux

Favorite – Love Everlasting PetPlants Roxy Bergiere


The Happy Hat – Rah Rehula

Favorite – L&N Signature Designs brgn Halberstam

Building Component:
Tool Shed – Fallacy DeCuir
Clutter for Builders – Kat Alderson
House of Byzanthine Textures – Meriadne Merlin
Cobblestone Home and Garden – Fallacy Decuir
Pierre Ceriano – Pierre Ceriano

Favorite – Lyrical B!zarre Templates LyricalBizzare Resident

Rosamoo and Cinders present the Hunties!

Rosamoo and Cinders present the Hunties!

Hunt Theme/Hunt:
Picnic Hat Hunt – Sour Pickles
Evil Bunny Hunt – Allie Munro
Christmas Krampus – Alrunia Ahn, Luna Barak
Atlantis – AnaMarkova
Steam X – Perryn Peterson
Along Came a Spider – Isabelle Torok and Ripley Rozenberg
Finding The Fairytale – Isabelle Torok and Ripley Rozenberg
Marketplace – Cory Quinzet
I Helped – XMarieX Fairport
Rock is My Style – Brianna Passiflora
Renaissance – Perryn Peterson
Krampus – Alrunia Ahn, Luna Barak
Silk Road – Perryn Peterson
Firestorm’s Spooky Night – Spooky Mistwallow
Medieval Fantasy – eldowyn Inshan
Botanica’s Corn Maze – CaraCali Resident
Peace On Earth – Tiviyah Resident Food Stand – Xandra Bressig
Twisted – Rox Arten

Favorite – Around the Grid in 80 Days Isabelle Torok and Ripley Rozenberg
Grid Wide Hunt:
Rock is My Style – Brianna Passiflora
Around the Grid in 80 Days – Isabelle Torok and Ripley Rozenberg
Peace on Earth – Tiviyah Resident
WomenStuff – SkinTrader Greyskin, Alexavion
Candy Cane 7 – Spooky Mistwallow
Splash of Color – Pac Lorefield
Menstuff – SkinTrader Greyskin, Alexavion
Birds and the Bees – Cheryne Jewell
Evil Bunny – Allie Munro
enMeshed – Jeni Porta

Favorites: Steam X Perryn Peterson (Historic PP)
Store/Sim Hunt:
Earthstones’ Halloween 2 Abraxxa Anatine
Finishing Touches – 24Karat Roux
I Helped Hunt – XMarieX Fairport
Park Place Home Decor – DeAnn Dufaux
Brii Underground Wear 2 – Brianna Passiflora
Sour Pickles – Xandra Bressig
Free Dove Hunts – Palomma Casanova
Ricelli Christmas 2 – Fhara Ricielli
Epic Toy Store – Mayah Parx
Dandelion Daydreams Factory (Krampus) – Alrunia Ahn, Luna Barak
~XM~ Designs – XMarieX Fairport
Spooky Nights – Spooky Mistwallow
Kitty Cats Snowball Search – Callie Cline
Feyline 2 – Feydaann Ferryhill
Mountain Rose 2 – SebastianTiogar
Lilith’s Den – Alrunia Ahn

Favorites – Earthstone’s Abraxxa Anatine and Brii Underground Wear Brianna Passiflora


Hunt Organizer:
Xandra Bressig
Brianna Passiflora
Cory Quinzet
Fairyzette Sahara
Earth Nirvana
Alrunia Ahn
XMarieX Fairport
Rox Arten
Fiona Scorfield
Cheryne Jewell
Zoey Evaneer
Isabelle Torok & Ripley Rozenberg

Favorites – Perryn Peterson


Voting for the 2016 Hunties will open soon – so when you find a Hunt or a gift that you adore, don’t forget to vote for it!

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