Happy Hunting Episode 120 – Hauntings of Halloween Past

Ahh … the holidays. Cinders is sneaking up on them in fine form, as always!

In this show, she allows the last bits of Halloween to haunt us and say farewell. There are still sooo many fine, fine hunts that are eerily appealing – and many other fascinating gifts too!

Hunts on this week’s show are the I Helped Hunt (run as part of Diabetes Awareness Month), the Spooky Nights Hunt (in association with the launch of Firestorm’s Community Gateway), and the Dia De Los Muertos Hunt.

You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show on Hunt SL.

Cinders displays gifts from the Firestorm Spooky Hunt

Cinders displays gifts from the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt

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