HH #110 Midsummer Nights and Relay for Life Weekend – it all means Hunts!

This week we look at the special Relay for Life Weekend Hunt – and pay a final visit to a very popular Hunt!

Did you know Relay for Life in Second Life has raised millions of US dollars since 2005?

Well it’s that time of year again so just look up RFL on the world map, or go to the website, and go see the absolutely amazing builds and campsites this year. The theme is “The Future is Now!” and I must say it’s beautifully reflected in some of the most extravagantly gorgeous futuristic builds, even above and beyond the de rigeur creativity you see in Second Life to begin with. Yes, that was a sentence! Enjoy!

There’s a special Relay Weekend Hunt – The Body is a Fortress Hunt, and Cinders will tell you all about it!

And there’s a final visit to A Midsummer Night’s Dream 6 Hunt too.

Please note, the Midsummer’s Night Dream Hunt is over on the 21st, not the 22nd!

Cinders goes piratical for the Relay for Life Weekend Hunt!

Cinders goes piratical for the Relay for Life Weekend Hunt!

You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show on Hunt SL.

In addition, you can now vote for the Hunties 2015 online.  The Hunties are the premium awards for all aspects of Hunts and Hunting in Second Life, now in their third year.  You can vote for YOUR choices online OR you can vote inworld at our special ballot box!

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