The Hunt Report for November 22, 2013

Our intrepid Hunt Reporter Rosamoo Mendelsohn finds  goodies from 7 hunts big and small for this week’s show.  You will see things from new stores  out of the 8th Unknown Hunt which has a vintage theme. Strawberry Fields and Riddle Me This hunts are strictly fashion oriented, while Nautical November at Aileen’s is strictly decor. Sinister Goth Sinners Hunt: Greed is loaded with treasures for the avaricious. Where’s The Turkey Hunt celebrates the US Thanksgiving holiday coming right up while the Warm Socks Hunt starts to prep us for the cold weather many of us have to look forward to in the coming months.
Nov15 hunts%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Just a few of the hunts to check out:

Nov 15 closingAll That Glitters Is Snow
Does My Butt Look Fat In This
Get Stuffed Hunt
Heisenberg Hunt
Let’s Rock
Thai Hunt
Tiny Turkeys


During this month of Thanksgiving, take a moment to tell a designer or an organizer thanks for their hard work and creation!

Happy Hunting!!


About rosamoo

Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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