The 2nd Annual Halloween Hunt Report

Happy Hunting brings you a buffet of the Halloween hunts that are proliferating in SL this season. Here are the mostly-store-or-sim hunts featured in this week’s show (linked, of course):

Bobbing for Heads Hunt
Boo Bunny Candy Corn Mini-Hunt
Costume Party Hunt
Hallow’s Eve Hunt (oops! this one is over)
Happy Hallowen Maze Hunt
Immortal Heart’s Halloween Hunt
Palm Bay Halloween Hunt
Potpouri Designs: Halloween Hunt
Serenity Heaven Halloween Hunt
Witch Project Hunt at Miss Jewel

HH Halloween setOf course the season continues with lots and lots of grid-wide hunts. These are just a smattering of what you will find. There are more coming in everyday!

closing seg Halloween huntsTricks for Treats, A Kinky Halloween, Scary Halloween, Mass Hysteria, Boo! Bunny 2, SL’s Top Haunted Places, Cirque du Freak, You’ve Been Tangoed Halloween, Tinies’ Halloween, Modern Horror, 2013 Trick or Treat, Sleepy Hallow, Happy Halloween – Full Perms

Happy Halloween Hunting!!


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Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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