Get Your Hunt On!

aug 9 huntsSummer continues in SL and is reflected in the extraordinary creations of  so many designers’ hunt gifts. The Join the Picnic Hunt has a dozen or more picnic tables and they are all different and well animated.

Around the Grid in 80 Days and The 4 Elements Hunt have a terrific selection of gifts, many maintaining the outdoorsy feel of the season.

The Mad City Hunt from Mad Peas continues the story begun in an earlier hunt and gets you ready for the Cry of the Peacock, which is underway as well.


upcomingThere are many hunts running right now. These are links to just a few:

Back To School
Cry of the Peacock
Get Leid
Him and Her Hunt
Sinister Steampunk
Snow Cone Hunt

The Ultimate Stuff Hunt
( the next Mini Hunt report)


Lots of good hunting still to be had this summer so head out…and Happy Hunting!!


About rosamoo

Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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