Get Your Hunt On !!

There’s something for everyone this week on the Hunt Report.

June 7 hunt giftsStarting with a BIG look back at more than 80 past hunts represented in the Remember The Past Hunt at Bee’s Heaven. See how many of the hunts you remember!

The Lazy Boy Hunt offers a plethora of goodies for the guys from casual clothing to office furniture. There are more desks yet in the CSI Hunt as well as a multitude of forensic paraphernalia. If you are looking for a bit of exotica then you do not want to miss the Silk Road IV Hunt.


June 7 closing hunts

Some new and upcoming hunts:
O’Canada Hunt

When Pigs Fly Hunt
LOL Beach Bash Hunt
Forgotten Wonderland Hunt
Fantasma Gora – Builders
Fantasma Gora – Consumers
Beached Bunny 3 Hunt
Old Europe Starfish  Hunt

A Special Note:
The Second Life 10th Birthday Community Celebration gets underway on June 16 where you will find at least 2 hunts.

The Long Walk with David Abbot will guide you around the event  in 7 parts.  There will be a new ramble every day for the first week with extraordinary gifts as a bonus. You can get all of the information for this hunt from the poster in the Museum of Hunting.

Hunt SL has built the Museum of Hunting, which shows off current hunts as well as a blast from the past of hunt posters. As you wander up the stairs you can pick up a dozen hunt gifts to take with you as reminders of SL’s 10th birthday.

And be sure to drop in at the Happy Hunting parcel for goodies and discussions.


Lots and Lots of Happy Hunting!!!

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Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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