Get Your Hunt On!

May 23 giftsSummer is just around the corner and the hunts featured on this week’s show reflect the warming temperatures.

The Going On A Picnic and EnMeshed into Summer hunts have everyone thinking about casual attire and relaxed living, while Twice The Garden will get you out of doors and digging in the gardens around your SL home.

June is the month for weddings and The Big Day Hunt offers many gifts to enhance the big day!


May 23 - close segmentHere are a just a few of the hunts to check out this month:

The Blue Blue Hunt
North by Northwest Sim Hunt
Lazy Boy Hunt
B-Day Hunt
The Obedience Hunt
The Silk Road IV Hunt
The CSI Hunt
A Petite Summer Hunt


Happy Hunting !!


About rosamoo

Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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