Ssssshhhh! Episode 3 of the Blackened Mirror is now out!

Having escaped their pursuers by somewhat unconventional means, the three – Harland Quinn, Private Investigator, Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins – take a moment to regroup and plan their next course of action in a rather unusual library.

Watch the episode to get clues that will help you discover more about Quinn and Alais. Find out their destination – there are two clues in the episode and there’ll be more in our Fun Noir section shortly.

And there’s a special bonus if you are following the story within Second Life – you’ll be able to find a special Harland Quinn mystery story, Death in Velvet, written exclusively for our players by our wonderful writer, David Abbot – you really won’t want to miss it!

Quinn finds himself in a strange new world …

Quinn finds himself in a strange new world …

Remember that you can find out more about the characters on the special section of the website. Did you also know that you can find out more about the people who play them – and about the rest of the cast and crew too?

You’ll be able to find clues on the web – and also within the world of Second Life. Watch this space – and explore this web-site – for more clues …

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