Get Your Hunt On!

Here are links to the hunts that were highlighted on this week’s show:

Touched by Perly Hunt  –  ending Sept 6!
The outfit I wore was put together with gifts from this hunt. This is an iTouch hunt and honored Perl Herbit, one of the founders, who is no longer with us.

Great Melting Pot Hunt –  ends Sept 15
This hunt is about national and local pride and has a wide variety of gifts ranging from furniture and clothing to decor items.

Historic Hairdos Hunt – ends Sept 15
The inspiration for the headdresses in this [covert.hunts] are from an array of historical periods reaching as far back as ancient Egypt to the 1920s.

Walk to Remember – ends Sept 15
The creations in this hunt honor someone who has inspired the designer. Some are very personal, such as a mother, and some celebrate more distant heros.

Upcoming hunts for September(all month unless noted):
Carnival Days Hunt
Four Walls Hunt ends Sept 15
Harvest Moon Hunt  ends Sept 16
Medieval Fantasy Hunt VI
The SIMS Kids Hunt
Too Cute To Be True
Twisted Hunt: Darkness

Happy Hunting to all!


About rosamoo

Avid hunter and builder in SL since 2008.
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