Fantasy Faire with Zander Greene and Elizabeth Tinsley

Today on April 27th at 3pm PST, we will be broadcasting the latest episode of Happy Hunting! My guests were Zander Greene and Elizabeth Tinsley of the Faireland Saga Hunt that is currently running at Fantasy Faire.  We shot the entire show at Fantasy Faire and it was so incredible. Be sure to join us at the Treet TV studio on the Garden of Dreams sim.

Fantasy Faire is one of the major Relay For Life of Second Life fundraisers for the American Cancer Society. I’ve been wandering the sims since it opened and each one is so unique and wonderful. If you’re into fantasy, this is the place for you. And the Fairelands Saga Hunt is a wonderful way to explore, donating to get your hunt HUD will help in the fight against cancer. Plus, there are some terrific gifts out there.

Frequency Picnic found more great hunts for you to check out. I really do think Freq has one of the best jobs there is. Seeking out hunts, doing them, then bringing samples of hunt gifts, showing you, the viewers what you can find.

All of us at Happy Hunting! will be looking forward to seeing you this afternoon at the studio. See you there Hunters!

About Cinders Vale

Host for a show for Treet.TV on the Second Life grid called Happy Hunting! Each show will cover information about new hunts featuring some of the great items you can find.
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