Details for the 4/27 Episode of Happy Hunting – Freq’s Hunt News


Current Hunts

I hope you’ll you’ll join us in the studio or tune in to our show this week on Cinders and I had a lot of fun taping at the amazing Fantasy Faire in Second Life, and despite a couple of amusing couch animation snafus (oops!), I think you’ll be pleased.

The Sanity Falls Hunt continues until June, and I showed off some goodies from it. The Jersey Shore “Spring is Here” hunt runs for a couple more days, until April 30. The hunt object (a yellow sculpty flower) is easy to find and the stores/prizes are things you’d find on a typical beach boardwalk – bikinis, t-shirts, novelty items, etc. Prizes are $10L each for this hunt.

I really enjoyed doing the Fashioncentric High Five! Hunt. Lots of great, high-quality stores and prizes. Hurry up if you want to grab them, it ends on the 30th of April. But if you miss it, be sure to go to the starting point in Vertigo anyways — there is a treasure trove of free items from the Fashioncentric group designers at the HQ.

The Fabulously Free Frenzy hunt was a fun, quick hunt. The object (a hot pink bracelet? flower? something) is easy to find. And I haven’t quite had time to do the hunt at the Fantasy Faire but I’m really looking forward to at least wandering the beautiful sims there! The Rainbow Hunt is kid-friendly, with lots of fun goodies for the kiddo avies amongst us.


Upcoming Hunts

Coming up are some noteworthy hunts: Cookie Jar sim, home of the Hunt and Hunters Resource Center, is having an anniversary home and garden hunt, and you can be sure I’ll be doing that one! One of our sponsors, Prim Perfect, is also having an anniversary hunt, it’s their 5th year!

I was looking forward to doing the Sour Pickles Gacha Fool hunt, which was supposed to start in April but has been delayed. I’m a big sucker for gacha machines inworld!

There are so many hunts coming up in May – several Goth hunts including the latest Macabre Hunt, with an Alice in Wonderland theme. A hunt just for the guys, simply called the Men Only Hunt, is also in the works for late May.

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