Join us for the Friday 13th broadcast of Happy Hunting!

Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 2 logo

Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 2 logo

Join us today for the broadcast of our latest Happy Hunting! show on April 13th at 3pm PST, at the studios in Garden of Dreams. Our guests on the show Morgane Batista of The Runway Hunt, and Owsley Resident of Early Birds Huntsand we can promise you – this won’t be unlucky for anyone – despite it being Friday 13th!

We have all the latest hunt news from Frequency Picnic. Freq will be showing off some of the great hunt gifts she has found from some of the current hunts – especially some extremely crazy hair!   And there are some terrific gifts out there for all you hunters so be sure to check it out – and to find out the details of these hunts in Frequency’s post here.

Morgane is currently organising the Runway Perfect Hunt 2nd edition, after the success of the first Runway Perfect Hunt in October last year. This time the hunt will run from April 1st – 30th, and the theme is Runway Fashion, with 50 stores taking part. It’s aimed at Second Life models – and people who’d like tohunt for items that will help them achieve that model look!

Foolish Hunt Logo

Foolish Hunt Logo

Owsley is currently organising the Foolish Hunt, which runs from April 14th – May 14th and has a theme of April fools, silly, funny jokes and pranks. The name of her hunt organisation comes from her love of birds and, of course, the well-known saying that “The early bird catches the worm.” And perhaps she’ll be giving some special early bird information to people for those early birds who’ll want to start the hunt tomorrow!

Come on over to the studio, take a seat, be part of our studio audience. Bring along your hunter friends too. We will be glad to have you all join us for the show.

Until then, Happy Hunting!

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