Spooky Mistwallow and Up4 Dawes on Happy Hunting!

Associated Gridwide Hunters Group logo

Associated Gridwide Hunters Group logo

On Friday, March 23rd at 3pm PST (and SLT), join us for the broadcast of episode #9 of Happy Hunting! in the treet.tv studio, on the Garden of Dreams sim. My guests for the March 23rd broadcast represent different aspects of hunting on the grid.

Spooky Mistwallow is the founder of the Associated Hunt Vendors Group, a.k.a. AHVG. She will be telling us about how this group started, and how it helps to make hunts a great experience for all you hunters out there. You may recall that Spooky had already been a guest before, as the hunt organizer for the Candy Cane Hunt. This is someone who truly wants to make sure that hunts are run well. Not only for the hunters, but also for the hunt organizers and participating merchants.

Umbrella Hunt at Old Europe Village Market Fair

Umbrella Hunt at Old Europe Village Market Fair

I found Up4 Dawes sim, Old Europe one night when I was looking in SEARCH for some kind of sim hunt. I teleported over and was immediately impressed by the surroundings. I did not waste any time contacting Up4 about taping on location. Up will take us on a walking tour of Old Europe to show off all there is to do and see. Don’t miss the Umbrella Hunt at the Old Europe Village Market Fair. HINT: you are looking for black umbrellas.  There are also shops and market stalls all around the main square, full of top designers and their products. Be prepared to have some fun in this lovely sim. I know I did and so did my L$ balance, lol.

Frequency and Cinders on Set

Frequency and Cinders on the Happy Hunting! set

And of course, there will be Frequency Picnic’s Hunt News Report. Freq will speak about the current hunts and show you some of the hunt goodies she’s found. You can find links to the Hunts she talks about here.

Be sure to watch our hunt competition video, ‘Where in the World is MarkTwain White’ for you clue. You won’t believe what Markie the Gnome has gotten himself into now.

Join our guests and the Happy Hunting! staff at the treet.tv studio at 3pm PST, Friday, on March 23rd. It is a great way to spend part of your Friday, with others who love to hunt.

See you there, Hunters!

About Cinders Vale

Host for a show for Treet.TV on the Second Life grid called Happy Hunting! Each show will cover information about new hunts featuring some of the great items you can find.
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