On-Air March 23rd, current hunts and info for Episode #9


Hello Happy Hunters!  Your intrepid reporter’s been a bit swamped lately with the RL, and her inventory’s been swamped with all the goodies from this month’s hunts!

First up, the Fresh Unknown Hunt, which runs until Mar. 31, is run by the lovely Evelyn Hartshon, whom we had the pleasure of having as our guest on a previous episode. Look for 4-petaled flowers in 4 different colors. The Unknown hunt series features new, up-and-coming designers.

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt is on its 4th time around. This great gridwide hunt will bring you to some of the best Medieval, Fantasy, Historical (and Gorean) sims and shops around. Look for a small treasure chest, and hurry, this great hunt ends March 31!

Running from Feb. 22 to April 2, the Penitent Hunt is brought to you by Covert Hunts and Dirty Little Secret. Lots of interesting gifts are hidden in their purple heart-shaped hunt objects.

No hunt list would be complete without the latest offering from the Twisted Hunt/DV8 group! This allegedly is the hardest hunt on the grid and I can totally vouch for that, since I wasn’t able to find even one little teal box! The madness continues until March 31st.

One of many bunny-themed Spring hunts, the March Hare Hunt stands out with its roster of excellent participating shops. I really enjoyed this one and hope you do too — look for the purple sculpted bunny doll. Ends March 31. Brought to you by Dumb Bunny Hunts.

I ran across the hunt object for You and Me Hunts’ latest: My Love For You hunt at  TRIDENT Jewelry, where there were no fewer than 12 hunt posters up by the door!  I ran around gathering all the goodies I could find, and was very pleased with the detail and primwork on their offerings. Lovely stuff! The My Love for You hunt ends on the 31st (I’m sensing a trend, here) and I also discovered presents from the Medieval Fantasy hunt, the Penitent Hunt and the Supernatural hunt (which ends … you guessed it, 3/31 — Look for the black figure holding a sphere) at TRIDENT!

Finally, in the roster of current hunts, is the Nature’s Hunt: My Wish is Music, run by the delightful Resje Bailey, who has also been in the hot seat on the Happy Hunting! set with Cinders. Look for a hot pink G clef (musical note thingy). Also ends March 31.

Happy Hunting!

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