Current hunts featured on this week’s episode of Happy Hunting!

Greetings, Hunters!

This weeks’ episode features a couple of small but delightful hunts, some that will be ending soon, and a few upcoming ones I’m looking forward to very keenly.

If you’re catching this before the airing of the episode, I suggest running over to the Pontocho Hanamachi Plum Blossom Festival Hunt, which runs only until the 25th, when they have the Festival. There are just a handful of hunt items, including a nice traditional Japanese ladies’ outfit.  The real charm of this hunt lies in the sim itself, which you will love if you are a fan of traditional Japanese culture and architecture. Be sure to find the  temple, take a snapshot with the fox spirit, and ring the temple bell.

Another hunt that can be done in a flash is the store hunt at Jewelry by Zuri. There are 4 hearts to find, and you end up with a dramatic color-change jewelry set. This sparkling hunt runs until February 29th (By the way…”teal” is not listed as a color choice but try it, it works).

Dress: Artic Storm, The Folklore Hunt. Jewelry: Zuri's Creations Store Hunt. Skin: Ispachi, Jack or Jill Hunt. Eyes: Birth Store, By the Face Hunt

BambiTwice Nitely has organized an underwater hunt with a twist: in the Marine Hunt, hunters wear a provided scuba outfit while they search out the prizes!  I haven’t done this hunt yet personally but will report with more info as I get it, since I’m a big fan of anything underwater themed.

The Folklore Hunt is one I’ve been enjoying. It’s sponsored by iTouch Hunts. Items are $1L and feature outfits and objects inspired by fairy tale and world folklore. The teal dress I wore on set for today’s episode is from the hunt, from Artic Storm store.

One of the many things that I really enjoy about hunts is not only finding new stores but revisiting old favorites and seeing how they’ve changed. The Hearts Ablaze Hunt has a few of those and it’s been a lot of fun.  It’s run by Greatest Love Hunts and ends on March 3.

Happy Hunting!

Love, Freq!

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One Response to Current hunts featured on this week’s episode of Happy Hunting!

  1. rosamoo says:

    I just wanted to let you know that since SL Hunts has flagged in its postings, I have started a new blog to post hunt information. It is just getting underway so I hope that you will bookmark it and keep checking back. I have been using SL Hunts for a long time and am quite sad to see that it is not staying up to date. I hope the new site will be a resource for hunt organizers and hunters alike.

    Rosamoo Mendelsohn

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