HELP WANTED: Segment Producer for Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! the increasingly popular television show about hunting in Second Life, is looking for a Segment Producer. This is a volunteer position.

Are you a person who loves exploring Second Life? Do you love discovering and sharing cool new places?  Happy Hunting! is looking for someone to find fun sims to be a part of the “Where in the world is MarkTwain White” feature segment of the show.

About Happy Hunting!
Happy Hunting! began airing on Treet TV in October of 2011. It is a bi-weekly show that is all about hunting in SL. Happy Hunting! feature interviews with hunt organizers, on location interviews with some of the best creators in Second Life, and a special Hunt Report that gives information on the latest hunts taking place on the grid.  It is produced by Prim Perfect Productions and broadcast on Treet TV.

As Segment Producer of “Where in the world is MarkTwain White” you will work with MarkTwain White directly and make sure he is properly set up so that he can film his segment.

Happy Hunting! Set

Happy Hunting! Set

Production Duties:

  • Scouting out locations where potential filming will take place and providing a list to MarkTwain White for approval.
  • Working with sim owners who will grant permission to film on their sim, grant permission to rez Marky the famous Happy Hunting! gnome, and who will provide the prize money.
  • Coordinating the information of the winner for Host Cinders Vale to announce on-air.
  • Coordination of the prize money to be sent to the winner.

This is an ongoing production with NO end date.  This is a volunteer position.
We film every other Friday with rehearsal at 2pm SLT and filming at 3pm SLT.

The Happy Hunting! Production Staff:
Cinders Vale, Host
Frequency Picnic, Hunt Reporter
MarkTwain White, Producer of the “Where in the world is MarkTwain White” feature segment
Petlove Petshop, Camera & Editor
Angie Mornington, Director & Production Administration
Saffia Widdershins, Executive Producer

If you are interested please fill out the application form.

More information about Happy Hunting!

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