Show #6 – All the Juicy Details!

Frequency and Cinders on Set

Frequency and Cinders on the Happy Hunting! set during the filming of Show 6

Thank you, everyone who came to see the filming of Show #6 on Friday! We discussed a few interesting hunts, including the Where is the Concert? Hunt, which ends in just a few days, on Feb. 3, so hurry if you want to get all the goodies and a chance at getting a spot in the audience for the big Mankind Tracer and TheFollow concert on Feb. 4!

Also featured on the show was the current gridwide hunt, The Full Perm Hunt: Waiting for Summer. Prizes are 2L each and anybody who likes to build or tinker with things in SL will love this hunt!

Current Hunts Featured on Show 6

Current Hunts Featured on Show #6

And here are a couple more hunts to look forward to in February, one which I’m eager to do and one that I found “titillating”, the Jack or Jill? Hunt and the Be My Busty Valentine Hunt.

Upcoming Hunts

A couple of interesting hunts starting in February (soon!)

Happy Hunting! And join us on Friday in the Happy Hunting studio for the airing of this episode!

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