Details about Show #2

Hunts Featured On Happy Hunting! Show #2

The Happy Hunting crew want to thank everybody who came to witness the filming of our 2nd ever episode!  We are getting the hang of it, and having a lot of fun bringing you all the news about hunts around the grid!  Here are some links to current and upcoming shows that were mentioned in the episode.

  • The Diamond is Mine Hunt #3 runs from Nov. 18-Dec. 18.  Start Location: Sophistishapes Organizer: Sophia Rossen. DIMH3 Hunt Blog
  • I Love Cupcakes Hunt — Nov 1-Dec 1  Location: Bitter Bunnie Designs. Organizer: Telle Trezuguet.  ILCC Hunt Blog
  • Very Important Hunter hunt — Nov 1-30. Starting location: Sour Pickles. Hunt organizer: Xandra Bressig.  VIHH Blog
  • Couch Potato Hunt 2 — Nov 15-Dec 15. Starting Location.  Hunt organizers: Raindrop Lowbeam or Xenia Sirenz.  CPH2 Blog
  • Rock Attitude Hunt Nov 15-Dec. 15 Where: ANCAYI sim   5L items
  • The Home and Garden Hunt –Nov. 18-Dec. 2. Starts at The Home And Garden Market.  Hunt Organizer: Katy Glendevon.  Blog
  • Peace On Earth #4 —  Dec 1-Jan 3 Organizer: Sequoia Nightfire.  POE Blog 
  • Medieval Fantasy Hunt 3: Dec 1-31. Starts at: Carambole Island.  Hunt  Organizers: English : Alexander Waverider, Aischa Akina, Hunt Organizers: German: Eldowyn Inshan, Men Dinzel, Carol Eddenbaum.  Blog

Objects to search for for some of this week's hunts

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